this was suppose to be a funny 3 panel thing from the coffee shop/college dangan ronpa AU but it turned into a 3 page mess im so tired and its 2am


im sorry tumblr user junkoenoshimadidnothing wrong i didnt fully understand ur request so i just drew her as junko and in this massive bunny suit i hope it suffices

also if ur wondering why mukuro is wearing jeans when she’s a mummy, she’s being a trendy mummy. modern mummy. crawls out of her tomb and whispers “whats ur wifi password”

spyrno said:
hello sir i have a very professional request for you today very professional indeed mm yes quite i would like a drawling of my favorite precious angel characters chihiro from dangan ronpa & bo from .hack//GU (the characters name is sakubo & it is one person with a split personality, saku & bo. bo is the precious angel saku is a big jerk). i would like them both dressed up as big scary monsters for halloween yes thank u


u lost me on the second half of that request so i only drew chihiro


very scary dinosaur costume

(im taking halloween based art requests until halloween is over)

i cant help but imagine chihiro as flapjack




friendly reminder u can send asks at any time im just slowly powering through these because i literally have no clue what to draw and writing is hard


Dangan Ronpa characters according to my friend Joey, who has just started reading.


i dunno if i wanna colour and make this into a print


i dunno if i wanna colour and make this into a print

i keep forgetting mukuro has freckles im in no condition to run a blog


Mukuro’s used to letting her birthday go by without celebration. She’s content to let Junko be the center of attention that day (every day, really), or at least she tells herself so.

When she lets herself into Junko’s dorm room and finds balloons, streamers, and all of her friends waiting, she’s unsure what to think. At first she assumes that she forgot about a party being thrown for her twin, but the cake Asahina is holding has her name on it.

"Enoshima-san told us that you haven’t had a birthday party for a long time," Naegi says.

"Yes, she wouldn’t shut up about how despair-inducing it was,” Maizono adds with an eye-roll.

"Hey, Sis!"

Junko comes up behind her, roughly pulling a thick, busily-patterned sweater over her head.

"Junko-chan, what’s this about?"

"I know how much you hate parties and attention, so I had to make you despair. I mean it’s Christmas, you know?"


"No need to thank me," Junko says, offering a wink and pushing her toward the others. "Now get out there and have a terrible time."

Mukuro scans the room. There’s quite a few people here. They’re all smiling at her. She could get used to this.

(I hope this is okay? Hope you feel better soon!)

i forgot all about this and i looked through my askbox and saw it again and it made me rly happy thank u buddy i hope u dont mind me posting it almost a year later lmao

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a message from the mod of this blog u__u